The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) assists low income clients with repairs to make their homes more energy efficient. These repairs can include:

  • Replacing doors and/or windows

  • Adding insulation to attic, floors and sidewalls where needed

  • Caulking 

  • Installing solar window screens

  • Compact Florescent Lighting (CFLO) Bulb

  • Repairing or replacing heating/cooling systems

  • Replace refrigerators and water heaters

These repairs generally result in lowering energy bills and conserving energy resources. Eligibility is determined by income, and preference is given to seniors, disabled persons and families with children under 12 years of age.


For assistance or information regarding our Weatherization program, call 769-3468 x123.


Weatherization Day is observed each fall.  Nationally, the Weatherization Program was initiated by the Department on Energy in 1976. Locally, the Weatherization Program under the Bay County Council on Aging has weatherized 1200 homes, since 1986, when the program began in our area. The mission of the program is to reduce energy consummation by improving the energy efficiency of the homes for low income participants. This is done by insulating attics and floors; caulking and sealing cracks and holes and making sure that appliances are energy efficient.  For more information, please call 769-3468, ext. 123.