Dr. James & Florence Nixon Respite Center

The Dr. James and Florince Nixon Respite Center provides care Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm for senior adults who suffer from Alzheimer's disease and other related diseases which cause memory impairment or dementia.  these seniors require care 24 hours a day from their care givers.  The resite program provides needed relief for the care givers from the stress and demands associated with the continual care.

The center provides a protective setting that allows clients oppportunities for socialization, supervised activities, and supportive care.  Clients are encouraged and assisted to participate at their own individual level n activities such as; table games, cognitive games, art and crafts projects, gardening, cooking, and sewing.  Physical activities and games may include; indoor golf, indor bowling, ring toss, and chair aerobics.  there are many community groups who visit the center to entertain or interact with the seniors.  These groups include; paws pet therapy, line dancers, children's school groups, and sever musicians who play for the clients to enjoy old fashioned sing-alongs.

Trained staff to client ration is 1:4.  A light breakfast, a hot lunch and an afternoon snack are served each day.  Transportation to and from the center is also available for senior adults who attend the program.

Care givers may apply directly to the center for assistance to enroll their family member in the program.  Annually, more than 33,000 hours of facility based respite are provided.

Call 850.769.3468 to reach the Respite Center.